W019 Wicked Fluorescent Aqua

W019 Wicked Fluorescent Aqua

W019 Wicked Fluorescent Aqua on white - Wicked Detail Color reference:

W019 Wicked Fluorescent Aqua on white - Wicked Detail Color reference
W019 Wicked Fluorescent Aqua

W019 Fluorescent Aqua

W020 Wicked Fluorescent Purple

W020 Fluorescent Purple

W021 Wicke Fluorescent Raspberry

W021 Fluorescent Raspberry

W022 Wicked Fluorescent Red

W022 Fluorescent Red

W023 Wicked Fluorescent Green

W023 Fluorescent Green

W024 Wicked Fluorescent Yellow

W024 Fluorescent Yellow

W025 Wicked Fluorescent Sunburst

W025 Fluorescent Sunburst

W026 Wicked Fluorescent Pink

W026 Fluorescent Pink

W027 Wicked Fluorescent Orange

W027 Fluorescent Orange

W028 Wicked Fluorescent Blue

W028 Fluorescent Blue

W019 Wicked Fluorescent Aqua

W029 Fluorescent Magenta

W210 Wicked UV Glow Base

W210 UV Glow Base

W212 Wicked Glow in the Dark

W212 Wicked Glow in the Dark

W019 Wicked Fluorescent Aqua

W300 Pearl Black

W301 Wicked Pearl White

W301 Pearl White

W302 Wicked Pearl Yellow

W302 Pearl Yellow

W303 Wicked Pearl Red

W303 Pearl Red

W304 Wicked Pearl Blue

W304 Pearl Blue

W305 Wicked Pearl Lime Green

W305 Pearl Lime Green

W306 Wicked Pearl Orange

W306 Pearl Orange

W307 Wicked Pearl Plum

W307 Pearl Plum

W350 Wicked Gold

W350 Gold

W351 Wicked Silver

W351 Silver

W352 Wicked Platinum

W352 Platinum

W353 Wicked Pearl Fastback Green

W353 Pearl Fastback Green

W354 Wicked Aluminum

W354 Aluminum

Wicked Fluorescent & Pearlized Colors

Wicked Fluorescent & Pearlized Colors are multi-surface airbrush colors suitable for textile, hard-surface, canvass, paper, plastic, wood and more. Each are made with an exterior-grade resin which is universally compatible with all types of primers, paints and clears. For best results on hard-surface & automotive applications, mix with 4030 Intercoat 10 – 25% per volume.

Wicked Pearlized Colors are made with lightfast pigments and are suitable for automotive refinishing. Wicked Fluorescent Colors are NOT lightfast. Similar to all neon colors, both water & solvent-based, Wicked Fluorescent Colors fluoresce (emit light) because the pigment is in a state of decay and will eventually fade. For best long-term color, apply fluorescent over a color-keyed base such as AutoBorne Sealer.