4050 UVLS Gloss Clear

Water-Based, Acrylic Aliphatic Polyurethane Clear

  • Architectural-grade clear for interior & exterior application
  • Compatible with all Createx paints.
  • UVLS = Ultra-Violet Light Stabilizer. Clears protect underlying pigments and dyes.
  • Use as adhesive primer direct to metal, plastic and other difficult to paint substrates.
  • 4050 Gloss Clear is the recommended medium for mixing with candy2o .
  • Available in 2oz., 4oz., 8oz., 16oz., 32oz. & 1-Gallon sizes.

Quick Guide:

  • 4011 Reducer Thinner for all Createx paints and clears. Generally added 5% - 10% per volume.
  • 4008 Restorer –A biodegradable cleaner for soaking metallic airbrush & spray-gun parts in to remove cured paint. Use after painting to partially dissolve dried paint for easy clean-up with soap & water.

Reducers & Cleaners

4008 Restorer

4008 Restorer ( download TDS )
A biodegradable cleaner for soaking metallic airbrush & spray-gun parts in to remove cured paint. Use after painting to partially dissolve dried paint for easy clean-up with soap & water.

4011 Reducer

4011 Reducer ( download TDS )
The go-to, recommended thinner for all Createx paints and clears. 4011 is a water-based thinner used to lower viscosity and promotes faster drying times and complete curing. 4011 is generally added 5% - 10% per volume to paint. Refer to Technical Data Sheet for more information about thinning and mixing specific color type

4013 Reducer

4013 Reducer ( download TDS )
4013 Reducer is a new thinner which is complaint with jurisdictions including South Coast AQMD Rule 1401. 4013 Reducer can be used as substitute for 4011. 4013 is receiving excellent feedback for airbrush performance.

4020 Reducer

4020 Reducer ( download TDS )
Water-based thinner containing acetone for painting in humid conditions. 4020 Reducer is best mixed with 4011 Reducer to create a cocktailed thinner which allows paint to dry better in high humidity. Mix 4020 Reducer 25% per volume up to even parts with 4011 Reducer.

4030 Balancing Clear

4030 Balancing Clear ( download TDS )
Water-based, urethane clear used as 1) flow & adhesion enhancer added ~ 10% per volume to Createx paints & 2) carrier for candy2o. May also be used as inter-coat, although UVLS Clears are best Createx inter-coat for taping over.

4040 Bleed Checker

4040 Bleed Checker ( download TDS )
Water-based, acrylic-aliphatic urethane clear for application over candy2o to prevent dyes from bleeding into top-coated colors. Apply straight from the bottle.

4050 UVLS Gloss Clear

4050 UVLS Gloss Clear ( download TDS )
Water-based, acrylic – aliphatic polyurethane clear. Has 3 functions:
1) architectural-grade clear for use as top-coat over any Createx paint for indoor & outdoor paintjobs,
2) adhesive primer direct to metal, plastic, wood and more, and 3) carrier for candy2o.

5092 Bloodline Adhesion Promoter

5092 Bloodline Adhesion Promoter
Water-based adhesion promoter for making Bloodline and other Createx paints stick to latex and other flexible, soft plastics. Apply direct from the bottle, as one medium-wet coat, direct to latex, allow to dry 10+ minutes, then paint.

5607 Retarder

5607 Retarder
Water-based, additive for reducing tip-dry, primarily for use in arid environments. Add sparingly, in single drops, to reduced, airbrush paint-mixture. Best added after paint has been thinned with 4011 Reducer, and optional 4030 Balancing Clear. 5607 inhibits curing and will affect adhesion and atomization if used in excess amounts.

5618 Airbrush Cleaner

5618 Airbrush Cleaner ( download TDS )
A mild, water-based cleaner for rinsing colors out of airbrush. May be replaced by use of 4011 Reducer as cleaner while painting. To remove dried paint inside of airbrush after painting, use 4008 Restorer.

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