Additives, Reducers & Cleaners

4008 Restorer

4008 Restorer ( download TDS )
A biodegradable cleaner for soaking metallic airbrush & spray-gun parts in to remove cured paint. Use after painting to partially dissolve dried paint for easy clean-up with soap & water.

4011 Reducer

4011 Reducer ( download TDS )
A water-based thinner for all Createx paints. Recommended for candy2o, Scenix Paint & Clears. Compared to 4012 Reducer, 4011 is less aggressive and safer to over-reduce paint with without seeding paint. 4011 Reducer is the recommended thinner when applying multiple coats of paint, especially with a spray-gun, allowing each coat to cure without reactivating underlying coats.

4012 Reducer

4012 Reducer ( download TDS )
A water-based thinner for use with most Createx paints. Recommended for use with AutoBorne Sealers and when painting direct to a primer or substrate as 4012 Reducer allows paint to penetrate the substrate deeper compared to 4011 Reducer. 4012 Reducer is more aggressive compared to 4011 Reducer and can create seeding issues when used in excess amounts whereas 4011 Reducer is safer to add to paint in excess amounts without seeding or prematurely curing the paint.

4020 Reducer

4020 Reducer ( download TDS )
A water-based thinner containing acetone for painting in humid conditions. 4020 Reducer is best mixed with 4011 or 4012 Reducers to create a cocktailed thinner compared to only thinning with 4020 which may seed colors. Add 4020 Reducer about 25% per volume to 4011 or 4012 Reducer.

4030 Balancing Clear

4030 Balancing Clear ( download TDS )
A water-based, urethane resin clear. For use as 1) mix additive and 2) inter-coat clear.

  1. Add to any Createx paint to create an acrylic-urethane resin paint for improved adhesion & durability. Mix ~ 10% per vol. with Auto Air Colors for airbrush, 20% per volume spray-gun.
    candy2o – 4030 is often added in greater amounts. Refer to candy2o tech sheet for ratios
  2. Use as inter-coat clear for protecting artwork. Thin with 4011 Reducer 5% - 10% per volume.
4040 Bleed Checker

4040 Bleed Checker ( download TDS )
A water-based acrylic-aliphatic polyurethane resin clear. For use as a non-reactive barrier over candy2o to prevent dyes from leaching into top-coated colors or clear. Apply 4040 straight from bottles. For smaller tip-sized airbrushes, 4040 may be thinned 5% - 10% 4011 Reducer.

7040 Adhesion Promoter

7040 Adhesion Promoter ( download TDS )
A water-based acrylic – urethane resin clear made for application direct to difficult to paint substrates such as plastic, glass, vinyl, fiberglass, latex and more. Createx's most adhesive coating. Compatible with all Createx paints. Activate by mixing with 4016 Cross-Linker 2% per volume then thin 5% - 10% with 4012 Reducer.

5092 Bloodline Adhesion Promoter

5092 Bloodline Adhesion Promoter
A water-based adhesion promoter for making Bloodline and other water-based paints stick to latex. 5092 also works as an adhesion promoter for flexible plastics, leather, vinyl and more. 5092 can be applied direct to the substrate or mixed with paint then applied direct to latex.

5607 Retarder

5607 Retarder
A water-based medium for reducing tip-dry, especially when airbrushing in arid environments. Use sparingly as 5607 inhibits drying and atomization. Best used along with 4011 Reducer and 4030 Balancing Clear.

5618 Airbrush Cleaner

5618 Airbrush Cleaner ( download TDS )
A mild, water-based cleaner for rinsing colors out of airbrush. May be replaced by use of 4011 or 4012 Reducer as cleaner while painting. To remove dried paint inside of airbrush after painting, use 4008 Restorer.

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