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Createx Airbrush Colors

  • Our original airbrush made to cover quickly with bright, saturated colors, perfect for t-shirt painters.
  • Createx Airbrush Colors are water-based paints made with an acrylic resin that is soft, creating what we call a “soft-hand feel” on fabrics. The softer acrylic resin (lower Tg value compared to Wicked Colors), allowing Createx Airbrush Colors to absorb better into fabric compared to Wicked Colors, which dries to a stiffer coating with less absorption.
  • Generally spray best through a larger tip-sized airbrush at higher psi settings, but also work well 0.35mm tip-sizes airbrushes sprayed ~ 25 - 30 psi.
  • Createx Airbrush Colors work well for a wide variety of applications in addition to fabric painting such as art, hobby & craft, and wood.

Wicked Colors

  • Wicked Colors is a great choice for anyone new to Createx looking for one line of paint that does it all.
  • Like Createx Airbrush Colors, Wicked Colors are water-based acrylic paints made airbrush or spray-gun painting.
  • Wicked Colors air dry to a harder coating compared to Createx Airbrush Colors,.
  • Wicked Colors are also generally more transparent compared to the Transparent Airbrush Colors.
  • New Wicked Opaque Colors cover better compared to Createx Opaque Colors but are much stiffer after drying making Wicked Opaque Colors better for hard-surfaces like plastic and Createx Airbrush Colors better on fabric.
  • Wicked Detail Colors are made with an acrylic resin sheered to a submicron size for a paint that atomizes well at lower psi settings and is more transparent compared to standard Wicked Colors.
  • Wicked Colors spray best with larger to medium tip-sized airbrushes.
  • Wicked Colors can be used to paint t-shirts, models, RC, aluminum, leather, wood as well as most hard-surfaces.
  • Wicked Colors make excellent custom automotive graphic colors over existing finishes and top-coated with automotive 2k, solvent-based clears.
  • New for 2021, all the Auto Air Colors pearls, metallics and effect colors are now under the Wicked Colors brand, as each were made with the same acrylic-resin. Wicked colors is now Createx’ s largest color collection.

Illustration Colors

  • Createx’ s flagship line of airbrush paints made for fine atomization at low psi settings for line control and detail.
  • Water-based acrylic paints made with the same lightfast pigments as our Airbrush Colors and Wicked Colors line, but with a unique resin that takes longer to cure allowing for soft erasing and manipulation.
  • Illustration Colors spray well through generally any tip-size with less thinning required compared to Createx Airbrush colors or Wicked Colors.
  • Illustration Colors are the most transparent Createx paint, other than candy2o with are 100% transparent dye colors.
  • Illustration Colors are available in a wide palette range including:
  • Bloodline, muted, earthy colors developed by special FX artist Tim Gore,
  • Lifeline, a diverse set of flesh tones, and more including Opaque and grey scale colors.

4011 Reducer

All Createx paints can be sprayed out of the bottle, but most often flow better with a little thinning with 4011 Reducer. We generally recommend adding 4011 Reducer ~ 10% per volume to colors.

4030 Balancing Clear & 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear

  • In addition to thinning paints with 4011 Reducer, another option is to mix one of our urethane clears with colors to increase adhesion and improve durability of the paint.
  • This is not required but works well especially when painting hard-surfaces such as aluminum, plastic or airbrushing helmets, motorcycles and what we refer to as automotive.
  • 4030 Balancing Clear is our original mix clear and works well when airbrushing. 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear is our newer mixing clear and provides a better paint-mix. 4050 is also better for use as a carrier-medium for our concentrated candy2o colors, pearl-flakes as well as being a better overall clear for use as an inter-coat compared to 4030.

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4030 Balancing Clear and 4050 UVLS Gloss Clear are similar in that each are water-based clears made with urethane resin, as opposed to our traditional acrylic-resin colors and bases.

4030 Balancing Clear

Introduced in 2016, 4030 was Createx’ s first urethane clear. It was initially designed for use as a carrier-medium for mixing with candy2o, as well an inter-coat clear for applying over colors.

After it was introduced, 4030 was also mixed into other Createx paints, creating an acrylic-urethane paint mix that had better adhesion and more durability for application onto hard-surfaces such as plastic, aluminum and for painting helmets, motorcycles tanks and other automotive airbrushing.

4050 UVLS Gloss Clear

4050 UVLS Gloss Clear was introduced in 2020. It is a much improved clear for mixing with candy2o and other Createx paints, as well an inter-coat.

4050 UVLS Gloss Clear is the recommended carrier-medium for candy2o. It holds candy2o in a homogeneous mixture that allows colors to be sprayed evenly, with heavier coats for a much better candy finish compared to mixing candy2o with 4030.

Same with 4030, 4050 also works well mixed with all Createx paints to make an acrylic-urethane paint that works better for application to hard-surfaces and difficult to paint substrates. Between the two, 4050 is the better urethane clear to mix with paints as it allows colors to flow better and cure to a more -level, more durable coating with better adhesion and scratch resistance compared to 4030.


4050 is the recommended mixing clear and inter-coat for use with candy2o and Createx paints. It is a much better mixing clear when spraying paints with a spray-gun, and also works excellent when airbrushing.

4030 still is a good option when mixed with Createx paints for airbrushing onto hard-surfaces, however as the 4050 is the better mixing clear for use with candy2o as well as for use as a pearl-flake carrier and inter-coat clear, between the two, newer 4050 is the better urethane clear for use as a mixing and inter-coat clear.

Createx will continue to make 4030, and for many airbrush artists it will remain their preferred clear for mixing with paints, however as 4050 is the mixing clear we recommend as it performs a wider range of functions, in particular mixing with candy2o and for use as an inter-coat clear.