Airbrushing a show car, 6 square images - Why use airbrush paint?

Why Airbrush Paint?

We believe Createx Colors are the best airbrush paints in the world, but what do we mean by that?

Createx airbrush paints are designed as an airbrush paint from their inception. Createx airbrush paints are made with sub-micron size, resin-particles that spray through an airbrush with excellent flow and line-control. Colors atomize into fine particles for an even spray pattern. Createx airbrush paints are made with a high resin-load so when paint is thinned for small tip-sizes airbrush use, adhesion and durability is maintained to a high standard. Createx uses lightfast pigments in all its paints, for durable, brilliant colors that stand the test of time without fading.

Vinny spraying with airbrush gun - Createx Colors hero.

What makes airbrush paint better for airbrushing compared to using traditional acrylic paints?

The difference is Createx makes its airbrush paints suitable for flow and atomization at low-psi spray settings and small tip-sizes without requiring excessive thinning. Over-thinning some acrylic paints can lead to loss of adhesion, slow drying times and other attributes of a poorly cured paint. When faded from a saturated color to a tint, Createx airbrush paints transition seamlessly without a stippled pattern in contrast to standard acrylic paints which create a grainy, over-sprayed appearance.

A quality airbrush paint needs to do a lot, and Createx airbrush paints are as versatile as it gets. Capable of being applied through a spray-gun or airbrush, as a saturated base-color or transparent, detailed airbrush color, Createx airbrush paints deliver lightfast, durable performance. Createx airbrush paints are richly pigmented for coverage at full-strength and luminous, transparent colors when thinned for low-psi, detailed airbrush painting. Createx airbrush paints resins maintain line-control without a stippled pattern, for clean fades and color transitions without a grainy over-spray appearance created by over-thinning standard acrylic paints.

A good airbrush paint makes a big difference to the outcome of any airbrush paintjob. Our mission is to make the best airbrush paints in the world!

Why airbrushing?

An airbrush works by passing compressed air through a venturi (airbrush tip) which creates suction that allows the paint to be pulled from a reservoir at normal atmospheric pressure. The high velocity of the air atomizes the paint into very tiny droplets as it blows past the airbrush needle and tip. The paint is carried onto the surface surfaces as the artist controls the amount of paint with the airbrush trigger. An extremely fine degree of atomization is what allows an artist to create such smooth blending effects using the airbrush.

Airbrushing allows for blending colors with seamless transitions, with one color slowly becoming another color. A skilled airbrush artist can produce paintings of photographic realism or can simulate almost any painting medium. Airbrushing allows for techniques and results not possible with a traditional paintbrush.

Can I airbrush on any surface?

With the right paint type, any surface can be airbrushed on. Createx makes a wide variety of airbrush paints, primers and airbrush additives allowing for a diverse range of substrates paints can be applied to.

Airbrushing is a fun hobby. Learning the basics such as the dagger stroke, circles & dots and keeping the air on while painting are the foundations to advanced techniques and detailed artwork. For helpful tutorials, technical sheets and how-to airbrush videos, please visit .

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